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Earn money online Tips for beginners

Read me first:
These are the best free earning programs on the net and I have secured a lot from them using my 4 year experience. I have been cheated by many scam sites but at last I succeeded. These are the best programs that ((PAID ME)) and everybody…

money making ideas

… If you are a beginner , try all thse sites because it will pay you!

Get paid for taking surveys:

another great way to earn money without wasting much time! So i prefer you to just sign up for all these sites because you will get an email alert when you wanna finish a survey. you can also earn money if you refer others to join under you.
Some of these type of sites are:


Planet Pulse

Get paid to click ads (PTC) :
Most of the money makers use these type of sites. But the main problem is the waste of time( you will have to take atleast 30 mins to click for 5 sites daily) . Also think that the sites you are clicking may be a scam site or which is going to be a scam. Most of the PTC sites pays 1 cent per click and the same amount the refferal clicks.
So if you want to earn money, you should have some refferals.
Some of the most trusted PTC sites are:




Dingobux here for more PTC sites that have paid me

Get paid for reading email:
These sites have paid me a lot and you must sign up for this site, because you only want to read email that receives they will send us an email and we only need to click that link for a while.You can also refer people to earn more!
Sometimes we can even get upto 50 emails ( 2 cent per mail)
Thsese are the best email sites that have paid me:




Get paid for receiving sms:
Another most easiest way to earn money!
just signup for this sites and earn 1 cent per sms you receives to your mobile!
The most trusted sites that pays for sms are:



Get paid for putting ads in your site/blog:
Yes, it is the best and most succeeded way to make money online. If you own a blog/site you can make $$$ very easily.
The sites paying for putting ads on your sites are called Publisher sites.Some of them pays per click (CPC) and some pays for impressions (CPM) and a lot others!
In my opinion ( Most of proffessionals have same opinion) the best publisher site is adsense and adbrite stands a little back after.
All the other sites come after these two most important sites
So check it out!

Get paid for every click your ad is getting. But the most happiest thing is that, adsense pays a lot more per click to their publishers ( sometimes about 3$) . amazing yeah? so check it out!


One step back after adsense. Mostly the people got banned from adsense use adbrite. Another use of adbrite is that it is not much strict where adsense is. Adbrite ads contain Inline ads, Fullpage ads, Banner ads and text ads.

Bidvertiser: Although it has paid a lot of publishers most of the publisher experiance from this site was too bad because of the less cpc! But if you want to earn some real money easily try it out!
There are many other publisher sites wich pays. You can read about that sites throughout this blog!

If you signup for all the sites that i have said above, you will surely earn a lot of money in 3 months!

So i compell all to join all the sites that i have described above!

Thank you!

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